burst pipes repair

Ultra Clean Service Corp. are experienced professionals highly capable of treating the problems left by water damage, remove stagnant water, clean and repair your property with the best equipment available.

Mold Remediation

How dangerous is Mold? Mold is part of our environment, but the rapid growth due to water damage is a risk to your home. A high count can cause structural damage and health problems. The presence of molds in your home may cause respiratory problems, infections, and allergies.

Biohazard & Trauma cleanup

Some situations may be dangerous and must be handled by a professional. There are incidents involving toxic, bio-hazardous wastes and pose significant health risk that needs safe decontamination and sanitizing.

sewage cleanup

Foul smell at home? It could be a sewer spill, sewer backup or a broken pipe. Sewer smells are not something to ignore. This requires immediate action!