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Ultra Clean To The Rescue

Ultra Clean Service Corp was founded in 2013 with a simple idea: keep cleaning simple. Now, over 10 years later, our team has helped thousands of Minnesota families and business owners recover from life’s worst moments with out restoration services.

Because sometimes you need a hero

For life’s worst moments, you need a contractor that you can trust. One that will work hard and work FAST. You need a hero. You need Ultra Clean Service Corp.

  • Get a real person on the phone 24/7
  • Twin Cities onsite emergency response in 90 minutes
  • We work with all insurance carriers
  • IICRC licensed and certified for all catastrophes

Emergency 24/7 Service


If you have a leak, standing water, mold or sour odor, frozen or exposed pipes, a hole or intrusion in your roof, or any other emergency.


We Handle What Others Won’t Touch With a One-Hour Response Time Anywhere Within the Twin Cities. 


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Unattended leaks can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in only a few days.

A poorly connected overflow drain can cause water to pool in the subflooring under the tub, leading to hidden rot and mold.

Clogged toilets can overflow, leading to water damage, mold, and unsanitary conditions that become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Jewelry, small toys, or any foreign object lodged in a drain can cause major problems, especially in smaller-diameter drain systems.

Burst pipes are the cause of over 50% of all water damage claims. The root cause is often a fitting that costs under $10 at a hardware store.

DIY and amateur plumbing projects often aren’t subject to inspection or oversight, and can lead to all kinds of water problems.

What You Can Expect From Us


At Ultra Clean, every crewmember is trained to deal with all types of home health and safety hazards. There’s no situation we can’t handle.


Ultra Clean is certified and licensed by the IICRC, RIA, OSHA, and FEMA to handle all types of natural disasters, accidents, and catastrophes.


From advanced leak detection gear and powerful suction pumps to state-of-the-art dryers & blowers and powerful industrial cleaning agents, we’ve got the goods.


For over a decade, the Ultra Clean crew has faced every type of catastrophe. From sub-zero blizzards to waist-deep water, to trapped animal remains, we’ve seen (and beat) it all.

What People Are Saying About Ultra Clean

Polite & Organized

We had a sewage upsurge from the drain in the charity shop necessitating us closing immediately, upon calling Ultra Clean Service Corporation they understood the urgency of the situation and got a team there within the hour, despite being busy. The chap was polite, organised and thorough – cleaned up after his work and overall he made a horrible experience less fraught.” – Sunny A 

Incredibly Professional

I found Deborah and her business online while I was feeling very overwhelmed about a project my husband and I had to deal with in our new home. Deborah responded to me almost immediately and I felt as if we had been friends for years. She was incredibly professional and also extremely genuine. She truly cared about our situation and was able to walk me through the process so thoroughly that I felt confident I could do it on my own. To put a costumer above your own business speaks leagues about your character and I will personally be spreading the word about this amazing company.” – Jennifer M

Super Responsive

Debra is an all around good person. It’s rare to find someone who will go out of their way to help another person. I reached out to her for mold inspection and she was not only super responsive she treated me like a human, heard me out and offered free advice from her years of experience. She helped me figure out a solution to my predicament and was all around just genuinely helpful. I would highly recommend her and wouldn’t hesitate to use her if I ever have mold issues.” – Esuvate N

Ultra Clean Services

Water Damage Restoration

Whether you’ve discovered flooding from a leaky or broken pipe, a sink or toilet overflow, a malfunctioning water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine, basement damage, or warped hardwood floors from flooding, our water damage restoration company has the experience to restore your home or business to its pristine condition. From water extraction to dehumidification, Ultra Clean can handle all your drying needs, regardless of size.

Biohazard & Trauma Scenes

Biohazard cleanup involves cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing areas where a traumatic event such as an accident, injury, or death has occurred. Thus, dealing with biohazards often means dealing with blood, human or animal remains, chemical spills, and more. Our job starts as soon as police investigators are done collecting evidence from the scene and doesn’t end until your space looks and feels like home again.

Sewage Cleanup & Disposal

Raw sewage leaks can result from a broken or burst sewer tie-in, a ruptured septic tank, or even a simple clogged drain. Of course, like most things in life, it’s easier to make a mess than it is to clean it up. Ultra Clean uses sophisticated methods to stop and reverse the damage, safely remove the offending material, and thoroughly clean the entire area. Our remediation process is designed to return your space to its original state and eliminate harmful odors and bacteria.

Mold Remediation

If your home or business is in need of mold damage restoration, it is important to act quickly in order to avoid health risks. Roughly 50 to 100 common varieties of indoor mold can create health problems if they are left untreated. The five most common kinds of indoor molds are Aspergillus, Alternaria, Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Stachybotrys chartarum.

Fire Smoke Damage Repair

Fires often lead to smoke and flooding, so a quick response is vital and the key to a successful job. If your home or business is in need of fire restoration company, we can respond immediately. When you call us we will begin our fire restoration process right away. This will help prevent bigger problems and minimize the amount of smoke damage done to your possessions and property.

Board Ups & Pack Outs

Our remediation service offers pack-up and board-up services for homes and businesses in and around Minneapolis. We understand the importance of protection before a disaster and a clean start after a disaster, which is why we specialize in facilitating the process of board-ups and pack-up and disposal of damaged items. We prioritize the safety of your employees and customers and aim to leave your home or facility in top condition for its reopening.

Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams form at the edge of roofs when snow melts and refreezes. This cycle of melting and refreezing can lift shingles and damage the roof, leading to leaks. Ultra Clean Service Corp’s approach to handling ice dams focuses on immediate removal to prevent damage, followed by thorough inspection, repair, and restoration services to address any damage that has occurred and to prevent future issues.

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