Along with spring showers, come muddy shoes and track marks across floors and carpets. Whether you have kids that forget to take their shoes off or a busy household coming and going, the dirt and grime can really start to show up on your carpets.
Spring can also be a very exciting time in Minnesota, from prepping homes for the spring market in real estate to turnover with rental properties, to graduation parties and wedding showers. While these are all very different, we can all agree that having fresh, clean carpets makes for a nice first impression for these moments.

So, whether you are trying to impress the future in-laws at the wedding shower or you have a property that you are showing to prospects, a good start is to have your carpets looking their best. Unfortunately, the state of your carpets speaks volumes, especially when they are dirty or stained. Having carpets periodically cleaned by professionals, not only adds to the look and life of your carpet, but also cuts down on dirt, allergens and germs trapped in your carpet.

Don’t let dirty carpets give your home or property the wrong first impression. Have carpets cleaned periodically by professionals that are trained, educated and certified on the latest techniques in carpet cleaning and care and can get your property cleaned and ready for exciting times.

From now until June 15th, 2015 Ultra Clean Service Corporation is offering a 3 room carpet cleaning special of $89.99 + 1 hallway (up to 600 sq feet). This is a $240.00 value. Serving Minneapolis and St Paul and surrounding suburbs. To schedule an appointment, please contact Aaron at 612-770-4536 to book your carpet cleaning service with the code “spring specials”. We look forward to working with you.