When you are busy around the house this spring, make sure you add testing your sump pump system to your to do list.

Testing your sump pump is as easy as turning on the manual switch. You can also add water to the basin with a pitcher or pail. It’s also important to check the discharge line. In cold weather climates, this line can become frozen and should be checked for cracks.

When operating correctly the sump pump basin should empty, when on, in about 15 seconds. For pumps taking more than a minute to empty, Ultra Clean Service Corporation recommends having a professional take a look at it. The sump pump can run when the line is blocked, but it will not drain correctly and this can cause water damage during a storm.

We encourage homeowners to have a battery backup system in place, in the case of power outages or if the main pump experiences a failure. There are two types of battery back up systems. We recommend the high output model to keep up with the spring showers. You can install the battery backup yourself or hire a professional. Replacing your batteries is important when doing this maintenance.

This is also a great time to do an insurance check up, (especially if you have never done one) to ensure that if you do experience a loss, you have coverage in place. During last summers storms homeowners were surprised to discover that they did not have a rider policy was not in place. More homeowners are finishing their basements and a $5000.00 policy is not always enough to cover the dry out and rebuild of a sump pump failure. Talking with your agent will ensure a level of coverage is in place that will restore you to a pre-loss condition.

When in doubt of your sump pump system, call a plumber and have your sump pump checked by a professional.