What to Do When You Find Mold in Your Home or Office Due to Water Loss



We all know that mold is a scary word. If you have experienced water loss in the home or office, it isn’t surprising that you might find areas of mold. The best solution is to remediate mold immediately. While this isn’t always a practical option, it is the best route to take when it comes to the spread of mold and the health of your home and family.


If you are concerned with areas of mold and are not sure what to do, contact a professional that specializes in mold removal and remediation. Not taking the proper action to remove mold, can create cross-contamination and spreading.


So, you are probably wondering what you should do when you find a small area of mold in areas of previous water loss, right? To start, below are three options that will work very well for initial response.


Contain the Mold
Use self-adhesive plastic or even just plastic sheeting to cover the mold. After applying the plastic over the mold, tape around the perimeter to complete the seal. This option can only be used when small areas are impacted by mold. This prevents cross contamination until you have the time and resources to remediate the mold, while allowing you to proceed with drying.


Stop Direct Air Flow to the Mold
This is the least effective option for both drying and containment; however when there are large areas of contamination this may be your only solution until proper remediation can be effected. This option requires that you primarily use heat and or dehumidification to dry, with no air flowing directly at the moldy area.


Remove the Mold
If mold is found during the drying of water loss areas, use proper mold remediation processes to remove the mold before continuing with drying. Once removed, you can proceed normally with drying. Since mold will eventually need to be completely removed, it is best to do it immediately if you have the time and resources to do so.


Deborah Zupke is the owner and president of Ultra Clean Service Corp. She has over 17 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Deborah has an extensive cleaning and health care background. She is also IICRC certified, and holds a molds remediation certificate from IOT, along with floor care training and carpet care training. Prior to this she worked for the State of Minnesota at the Department of Human Services (DHS. She was a member of the State of Minnesota disaster team.


For more information on mold removal or to get a free assessment of a mold situation in your home or office, contact Debra Zupke at Ultra Clean Service Corporation at 651-383-3332.

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