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At Ultra Clean, we understand the requirements of healthcare cleaning and medical facilities cleaning and work hard to meet those needs. The staff at Ultra Clean is specially trained and equipped to handle the special needs of the medical profession. Ultra Clean delivers the service you expect, with the integrity you deserve.

Many healthcare and medical facilities choose Ultra Clean as their commercial cleaning provider because our employees are trained to give your facility the most thorough cleaning it has ever had, every time we clean.

Office Pride is Uniquely Qualified for Medical Facilities Cleaning

  • Ultra Clean follows a Written Exposure Control Plan.
  • All employees wear gloves and follow all safety rules. Employees do not allow trash bags to come into contact with their bodies and they do not pack trash into bags with their hands.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets describing the chemicals we use in your facility are read by each employee and kept on-site.
  • Ultra Clean complies with the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standards.
  • Ultra Clean complies with all medical cleaning standards and can help you pass State Board of Health inspections.
  • All employees are offered Hepatitis B vaccinations prior to cleaning your facility.
  • Ultra Clean complies with all OSHA rules.